The vast majority of Tallahassee criminal defense work does not make the newspaper. The lion’s share of alleged criminal activity is generally mundane to everyone who is not directly involved. There is often very little interest from the media even when misguided defense lawyers try to artificially manufacture widespread attention. I have never seen media interest or public curiosity actually help a defendant with his or her case. I am sure that there are some examples of such help occurrin...
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There’s an old joke about a mechanic’s shop that had a sign notifying customers the rates were higher on cars if the customer had worked (or tried to work) on the car ahead of time. People who fix problems for a living, like lawyers and mechanics, know what issues to address and what sequence needs to be followed in addressing the issues. These professionals move situations from problem status to solution status for a living. Nobody brings their car into the mechanic’s shop because it’s runn...
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