Being charged with a drug offense in Tallahassee is a serious situation with potentially very serious consequences. Sentences for drug charges in Florida and Tallahassee are tough and, depending on the specific charges, can include mandatory drug counseling, steep fines, community service, probation, and/or lengthy incarceration. Drug charges also carry a stigma that can follow you for the rest of your life. In many cases, a drug conviction can make it difficult for you to find a job or get insurance and can impact your entire future.

Luke Newman, P.A. has the experience you need to mount an aggressive defense of your drug charges in Tallahassee. He defends all manner of drug related charges from a simple marijuana possession charge to serious charges such as drug trafficking or distribution. Drug crimes have become the most common criminal charges in the state of Florida and judges and prosecutors take drug charges very seriously. In most cases, the prosecution will seek a significant penalty for any drug offense. Luke Newman will not back down from any charges. He is committed to fighting hard for his clients, no matter what. Luke will build a strong case and use every defense strategy at his disposal to ensure a satisfactory outcome for you. Luke understands that every case is different, and he will provide a defense that is personalized for each individual client. He approaches each case with compassion and integrity, hard work and dedication. Simply put, Luke will fight for you.

Luke Newman, P.A. defends all types of drug charges including, but not limited to: drug possession, drug distribution, drug trafficking, drug cultivation, medical marijuana, under the influence of drugs, prescription fraud, and drug manufacturing. Luke understands the seriousness of a drug charge and the consequences it can carry.

If you live in the Tallahassee area and have been arrested for or charged with a drug crime, you need an experienced attorney who is ready to defend your rights and look out for your best interests. Some attorneys may look for the path of least resistance. But you shouldn’t settle. An aggressive, experienced criminal defense lawyer, like Luke Newman, P.A. is not afraid to take on the prosecution and ensure that you receive the best defense available.

Don’t hesitate. Your future, your freedom,and your reputation are at stake. People make mistakes. Don’t let one bad decision ruin your life. Contact Luke Newman, P.A. today. As always, consultations are 100% free and 100% confidential.