Being convicted of a crime in the State of Florida can be a devastating and confusing experience. Once convicted of a crime, your best hope for a reversal and a second chance at liberty is through the appeals process. The criminal appeals process in Florida is complicated, with rules regarding who can file an appeal, specific time limits and deadlines to file an appeal, and numerous motions and petitions that may need to be filed. There are a number of circumstances and events that may make your case ripe for an appeal. Inadmissible evidence introduced before the jury, lack of evidence, poor jury instructions, unfair sentencing, juror misconduct, and newly discovered evidence of innocence are all examples of legal grounds to file an appeal. In some instances, a violation of your civil rights such as an illegal search may make your case ripe for appellate action.


Essentially, an appeal states that you feel your conviction and/or sentence was wrongly imposed and you would like a higher court to look at your case and possibly rule in your favor. The process undertaken in an appeals court is different than that of a trial court.

There is no jury, and the case is not re-tried. What generally happens is the appeals court tries to determine whether there was some sort of legal error during your trial that would overturn your conviction or change your sentence.

The legal issues and deadlines associated with the appeals process are so complicated that few people attempt to file an appeal without an attorney. If a minor error in procedure is made, your chances of winning – or even being heard by the appeals court – are slim. A skilled and experienced attorney is essential to successfully file and win a criminal appeal in the State of Florida.

Luke Newman is a criminal defense attorney in the State of Florida with the expertise and experience to successfully guide you through the criminal appeals process and help you achieve a positive outcome.

The Florida Bar has recognized Luke Newman as a Board Certified Specialist (“BCS”) in criminal appellate law. Board certification is the highest evaluation of an attorney’s competence and experience in the area of criminal appellate practice. Luke Newman earned this certification after an examination and evaluation of his special knowledge, skill, and proficiency in criminal appellate law as well as an evaluation of his professionalism and ethics in practice. While there are thousands of lawyers in Florida, Luke Newman is one of fewer than seventy who have ever received such recognition from The Florida Bar.

If you have been convicted of a crime in the State of Florida, contact Luke Newman to discuss your rights and eligibility for appellate action.