Being charged with a sex crime is a serious situation with potentially devastating consequences. A conviction on sex crime charges could mean prison, probation, restitution, and registration as a sex offender, not to mention irreparable damage to your reputation. Sex crime investigators and prosecutors work very hard to secure convictions in sex crime cases, and in many instances may violate your constitutional rights in order to achieve the outcome they are looking for. You need a lawyer who will work just as hard to defend your rights and help you reach a successful outcome. Luke Newman is a dedicated criminal defense attorney in Tallahassee who is committed to protecting the rights of his clients. He has the training and expertise to know when your rights are being violated, and in many cases can argue to have key evidence kept out of court as a result of a violation of your constitutional rights.


There are many types of sex crimes you can be charged with in Tallahassee including, but not limited to rape, sexual assault, child molestation, indecent exposure, child pornography, child abuse, lewd conduct, and statutory rape. Sex crime convictions carry a serious stigma, as, even after potential prison or probation, you are forced to register in your neighborhood as a sex offender, and will likely face discrimination from your community. This stigma can follow you for the rest of your life, affecting your ability to find employment or a place to live.


In many cases, individuals charged with sex crimes have had to endure many personal hardships. Some may have been wrongfully accused. Others suffer from sexual addictions, have been victims themselves in the past, or have just made a horrible mistake. Luke Newman believes everyone is entitled to an attorney who will treat your case with dignity and respect. He will aggressively defend all of his clients, fight for your rights and work hard to achieve a successful outcome for your case.

The legal system can be complex and overwhelming. You don’t have to face sex crime charges in Tallahassee alone. Call Luke Newman, P.A. today. As always, initial consultations are 100% free and 100% confidential.